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It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to
"the Hydrogen Iron & Steel Making Forum 2022 (HyIS Forum 2022)"

Steel has played a critical role in developing industries, including automotive, construction, shipbuilding, agriculture, clean water, energy production, electronics, etc. However, the steel industry is today a significant source of CO2 emissions and global warming, thereby calling for action. We believe that our companies and the steel industry as a whole will be part of sustainable solutions and thus help to mitigate climate change.

Today we face an unprecedented challenge that needs to be addressed with all our strongest efforts. Steelmakers are required to fundamentally change the steel production process, and to urgently meet climate goals through technological innovation. To achieve carbon neutrality, strenuous efforts and resources need to be invested for an extended period of time. However, if global steelmakers work in close collaboration, we can significantly shorten the development period and save costs.

We believe a coordinated approach among companies to discuss carbon neutrality with hydrogen ironmaking technologies can help accelerate the transformation of the steel industry. Last year, POSCO hosted HyIS Forum 2021, in Seoul, Korea. This year, SSAB and POSCO would like to extend a joint invitation for the Hydrogen Iron & Steel Making Forum 2022" on October 12 - 13, in Stockholm.

At the Forum, global steelmakers and stakeholders will hold in-depth discussions on three main agendas;
1) Transition to Near Zero Emission Steelmaking
2) Value Chain for Near Zero Emission Steel
3) Science and Technology Policy for Near Zero Emission Steel

The global climate change issue cannot be tackled by individual actions alone. To address one of the greatest threats to humanity, leading steel companies must closely work together to take appropriate measures to mitigate climate change as quickly as possible.

We would like to extend our warm welcome and look forward to seeing you either in Stockholm or Online.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Lindqvist
President & CEO,
Jeong-Woo Choi

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